How do humans care for their pet dogs?

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Recruitment, Research | 0 comments

Update: Data acquisition has finished and we are currently analysing the data. A huge thank you to everbody who has participated and for your interest in the research. We will publish the results as soon as possible on the projects page.


How do you care for your dog? Is it possible that you care for your dog differently than your friends?

There is a wide variety of different methods, believes and attitudes of caring for pets, with limited knowledge of what is right. This study investigates the different ways, how pet dogs are looked after, aiming to gather a broad overview of owners effort for e.g. physical activities over nutritional to medical care. The aim of the study is to understand current practices in order to develop possible routes to improve dog welfare.

If you are above 18 and currently dog owner please spare 10 minutes and fill in the survey: