If you are interested to participate in projects of the Dog Emotion Lab, please get in contact with Anjuli Barber (for contact details please follow this link: Get in contact). For an overview of projects please see current projects.

If you are UK based and would like to volunteer for dog related research, please register to the University of Lincolns dog database “Pets can Do”. In future, researcher might approach you with an invite to participate in research studies. To register, please follow instructions given on this site: http://www.lincolnpetscando.co.uk/

The University of Lincoln offers a variety of other dog activities. If you are interested to read more about the research that is done at the University of Lincoln, the Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare group (ABCW), the Animal Behaviour Clinic or the Perception, Action and Cognition group (PAC), please click on the specific picture.