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Clever Dog Lab Promotion Video – Cutout Touchscreen and Eye tracker (see more)


Cut out of BBC Two documentary “The wonder of dogs” (2015) (more info)


Cutout Daily Planet Documentary – Ludwig Huber explaining Touchscreen and Eyetracking (see more)


Cut out BBC News  – Reaction to the publication of the article “Dogs can discriminate emotional expressions of human faces” (2015) (read more)


Reuters Video – Reaction to the publication of the article “Dogs can read human emotions” (2016) (read more)


Guided tour at the Clever Dog Lab in Vienna in the course of the seminar “Behavior, Cognition and Training” held by Dr. Sophia Yin – Anjuli explaining the training at the eye tracker (2013)


First steps in touchscreen training


Touchscreen training – discrimination of angry and happy faces