Welcome to the team, Amy!

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Staff News | 0 comments

Time is passing fast and somehow I missed to post this way earlier (Thanks COVID-19 :() but better late than never.  I would like to welcome Amy West to my team, who has started as a research assistant in January 2020. She will primary work on the “Consider my Nose” project, investigating the influence of dogs nose length on their abilities for social cognition (see “Consider my Nose”). Besides that Amy is also helping me with the overall maintenance of a variety of remote experiments that me and my team are running at the moment.

Amy has studied Biology at the Imperial College in London and achieved her Master’s degree in Animal Behaviour at the University of Sussex in 2017. She continued her career working as an Cat Care Assistant at Cats Protection in Chelwood Gate and joined the Dog Cognition Centre in Portsmouth as a research assistant in 2019. In January 2020 she has joined my team. She is interested in human-animal interactions, animal emotions and welfare as well as Theory of Mind (and side note: she is currently searching for a PhD position, so if somebody can offer her one from late summer/autumn on, please feel free to contact her ;).