Paw preference and personality in dogs

Do you know if your dog is left- or right-pawed? And what does that tell you about your dog’s personality?

Not only humans prefer to use a certain hand for specific activities such as writing, using tools or holding cutlery. Dogs also show individual preferences when using their paws, for example, some dogs preferentially use their right or left front paw to stabilize a food-stuffed Kong™ while other dogs use both paws equally. Moreover, individual paw preference seems to be related to differences in traits like aggressiveness, playfulness and sociability.

This research project investigates the possible link between paw preference, impulsiveness, frustratability and fear in dogs. The study is two-fold starting with a questionnaire containing a personality test (20-30min) with subsequent instructions (including video tutorials) for DIY experiments to determine your dog’s paw preference at home (1-2hours).

Find the study here: Paw Preference and Personality in Dogs

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